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AW19 Shadow Project Lookbook

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The AW19 Shadow Project Lookbook has dropped! Here's what we have to come this winter.

The Shadow Project range has been moving away from it's original concept in recent seasons. Bright colours and wild patterns are not something we have associated with Shadow Project since its inception back in 2008 when it was all about dark colours and based around the PARSEQ Modular Grid system. Even so we have been enjoying this new found splash of colour and pattern in the last few seasons.

“ We explore state of the art menswear. Not from a view of fashion, but from a real and practical standpoint.”

The new collection features a range of transformable pieces with zip off functionality being a major theme in the collection. One of the main material features appears to be a Grid Check element on a few different pieces. We love the look of the Translucent Grid jacket which reminds us of the late 90's K-Felt material. The range consists of winter Down pieces, Windbreakers and Overcoat pieces featuring Down liners. There is a full range of Sweats, T-Shirts and Cargos as you'd expect, the Cargos with zip off pockets are the stand out piece from the basics. Check out our highlights below.

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