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AW20 C.P. Company Metropolis Remastered

For the new AW20 season C.P. Company have linked up with Dyneema to bring us a remastered classic!

One of C.P. Company's most notorious ranges is making a reappearance for AW20! The Urban Protection range released originally in the late 90's and was without doubt one of the most forward thinking ranges from any menswear brand at the time. Designer Moreno Ferrari pushed boundaries with pieces featuring built-in smog masks, flashlights & scooters all made for urban surroundings and functional city living. The pieces could still be considered cutting edge today, over 20 years later. This time around the brand has linked up with Dyneema who are famous for bringing us the strongest manmade fibre on earth! Making it a dream team for a functional and hard wearing release.

Dyneema has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any manmade fibre. Its unique qualities make it a perfect choice for the remastered Metropolis.

The flagship piece for the new Urban Protection Remastered range is the Metropolis Jacket made using Dyneema! Read below to see this and the rest of the range which will be dropping in stores soon.


The main feature of the range is the infamous smog mask from the original Metropolis jacket! For AW20 the jackets have been given a fresh new style and with the current global pandemic it seems this reissue couldn't have come at a better time to protect yourself with a face mask in urban environments. The full selection also includes some other amazing jackets featuring Gore-Tex Xenia and Infinium + a range of other outwear pieces and accessories you can see below.


We are very hyped to get our hands on the new Urban Protection range and we are also pleased to see C.P. Company really pushing the design and fabric development which made them the brand they are! Keep an eye on their flagship stores and website here for the range dropping soon.

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