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AW20 Icon Imagery

The AW20 Icon Imagery has just landed. Here is our breakdown of what to expect!

The big guns have landed! We get our first look at what is to come from the AW20 season at Stone Island. With a mad Reflective Ripstop Chiné capsule, Ghilie Camouflage, a brand new Ghost Range colour and various other revisits to previously used materials. It's safe to say this one will be a banger.

“ Garments that combine a strong aesthetic of the functionality typical with influences of military & work wear at the forefront.”

On first look at the new season Icon Imagery our stand out pieces have to be the new Reflective Ripstop Chiné range. After the success of the AW19 Reflective Ripstop range the brand has revisited the material that was enjoyed by many last winter but, this time with the addition of a Chiné process giving the material a mottled feel similar to the DPM Chiné seen on Shadow Project ranges in recent seasons. The range includes two jacket styles, one short hooded jacket and a longer parka version. We can also expect a range of accessories and cargos to boot.


As well as the Reflective capsule we are also very hyped on the new Ghilie Camouflage range! The center badge flagship smock from the range has been made using Cordura in a revisit to the material that was such a big success over the last couple of seasons. There is also a range of sweats to come from this line with the standard joggers, hoodies and crew necks in cotton.


Another massive highlight is the new Ghost Range which features a brand new colour! We are not sure exactly what the name of the new colour is but, it looks to be a deep chocolate brown. We have been waiting for a move on the Ghost Range after a few seasons in a row featuring the standard military Navy, Khaki and Beige from recent drops. The range features some interesting silhouettes with a cape style jacket and contrast down jacket being the stand out pieces.


Some of the other stand out items include the return to a classic Shoulder Badge Knit which looks a sturdy standard piece, a shearling lined Hand Painted Sheepskin and a return to the much sought after Duffle material which there is a few styles of for the new season.


The main colour palettes look to be a new take on Magneta along with Pinks, Blues, Oranges and Khakis. The Magneta colour seems to be the stand out and is seen throughout the full range on various items and capsules.


With the summer weather only just on the horizon you might be feeling a bit warm just reading this but, the first look at the coming AW20 season has got us pretty hyped for what's to come. There are still a couple of things Stone Island are keeping up their sleeve as well as what we see here! So keep an eye out for the Ripstop Gore-Tex and Hand Sprayed Colour range which we will hopefully see make an appearance soon.

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