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AW20 Reflective Ripstop Chiné Review

Updated: Jun 28

For our latest review we tested out the AW20 Reflective Ripstop Chiné Smock, check it out below!

We have linked up with Matches to bring you a detailed breakdown of the new Reflective Ripstop Chiné Smock from Stone Island.

The addition of reflective yarns in both the warp and weft forms a ripstop grid that shimmers when the fabric refracts the light.

With winter in full effect and the nights closing in we took the new Reflective Ripstop Chiné Smock out for a test run! With Stone Island adding durability by using Ripstop technology more in recent seasons, we couldn't wait to get our hands on this and see how it stands up.


There were two models dropped in the Reflective Ripstop Chiné fabric and we definitely rated the Smock style more! With a nice design on the off center half-zip and clever pocket placement it's safe to say this one's a banger. The piece is toasty featuring a Primaloft lining and heavy Reflective Ripstop material to the outer you will find this one perfect for the cold nights whether its wind, rain or snow outside.

The material is made using the Chiné technique featuring Polyester yarns that are printed with the Stone Island logo to the back. The Wool/Nylon weft on the finished piece creates an irregular look to the logo which is typical of Chiné fabrics. The material features a Ripstop grid with reflective yarns used in the warp and weft giving a mad look when reflecting light.

We can't recommend this jacket enough! When the Icon Imagery for AW20 dropped initially there was a mixed response to this new material but it's safe to say Stone Island has come through on the design and durability. We rate the use of Ripstop on their latest reflective models adding much needed durability to the famous Stone Island reflective jacket.


One of our favorite smock style jackets in recent seasons! Banging for the winter months and a well thought out design. If you want to cop one yourself then head over to Matches and grab one before they sell out.

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