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AW23 Icon Imagery

The AW23 Icon Imagery has just landed. Here is our breakdown of what to expect!

The big boys have landed! We get our first look at what is to come from the AW23 season at Stone Island. With a mad Ice Thermosensitive capsule, Paintball Camouflage, Hand Painted Sheep Skin and various other nice looking pieces. It's safe to say this one will be a banger.

“ Inspiration is taken from industrial settings and reinterprets elements on tightly woven fabrics, defined by clean lines and material processing..”

On first look at the new season Icon Imagery our stand out pieces have to be the new Ice Thermosensitive range. With a long history stretching back to the 1980's and recent success of previous Thermosensitive special process pieces this capsule looks set to be just as sought after. The range includes two pieces we've seen so far, a combat vest (which looks crazy) and a short parka full zip jacket.


As well as the Ice Thermosensitive capsule we are also very hyped on the new Paintball Camouflage range! Both flagship pieces from the range have been made using Cordura in a revisit to the material that was such a big success over the last few seasons. There is also a range of sweats to come from this line with the standard joggers, hoodies and crew necks in cotton.


There is also a new Reflective Strip Marina range dropping in a throwback to Massimo Osti era archive pieces from the brands first use of reflective materials. The Marina range features some beautiful looking jackets and a vest. Another massive highlight is the new Ghost range which features a brand new colour! We are not sure exactly what the name of the new colour is but, it looks to be a deep sand. The range features some interesting silhouettes with a cape style jacket and vest being the stand out pieces.


Some of the other stand out items include the return of Nylon Metal Rip-Stop, Shearling Lined Sheepskin, Quilted Nylon and as usual some banging down jackets.


Another couple of notable items are the Cotton Canvas Smock and a return after many years of Jumbo Corduroy Overshirts with an arm badge in a range of colours!


With the summer weather only just on the horizon you might be feeling a bit warm just reading this but, the first look at the coming AW23 season has got us looking forward for what's to come. There are still a couple of things Stone Island are keeping up their sleeve as well as what we see here!

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