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Editorial: 00's Specials

Updated: May 10, 2020

We linked with Kash Hussain and collector/shop owner JoJo Elgarice in Sheffield for a 00's inspired shoot!

We recently hooked up with Kash Hussian aka Kash Kam one of the maddest photographers straight out of Nottingham! Collector and shop owner JoJo Elgarice of Rag Parade in Sheffield laid on some 00's Reflective and Ice pieces for us to shoot.

Massimo Osti set the tone for the development of Stone Island's technical fabrics. As the brand moved towards and into the 21st century Paul Harvey and Carlo Rivetti took these technical aspects to a new level, the Reflective and Ice fabrics being the prime example of this!


Polyester Mesh:

AW03 Polyester Mesh down jacket with reflective strip detailing from the early part of the new millennium and designed by Paul Harvey. The jacket features a 2 part structure which is fully detachable. The layers are made up of a down parka to the inner featuring reflective strips to the lower arms. These reflective strips are designed to show through the outer layer which is a polyester mesh covering the whole inner shell allowing the features to be seen through the mesh.

Mesh Reflective:

SS06 Mesh Reflective is another piece designed by Paul Harvey this time from the mid 2000's. The Mesh Reflective was one of Harvey's first reflective jackets as head designer at Stone Island along with a winter Mesh Reflective the season before. This one being the summer version has a different design to any other reflective that had come before it. The fully reflective jacket has a floating layer of mesh attached to the reflective layer giving a translucent effect when the jacket is put under direct light and also shows the contrast of the jacket features under the mesh.

Ice Camouflage:

AW09 Ice Camouflage was the reincarnation of Osti's famous Ice Camo but, with a 21st century twist! The material on this new breed of Ice Jacket is a polyester which is impregnated with thermochromatic dye reacting as the temperature rises and falls. The German sumpfmuster camo was used as the base layer when the jacket is warm this camo is clearly visible, then when the temperature drops the jacket turns to near jet black and no camo pattern is visible. This piece was from the first season after the design team of Carlo Rivetti had taken over the lead on collections.


It's always a pleasure to link up with these guys! If you are ever in the area of Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield be sure to take a trip to Rag Parade for all your Vintage/Used Stone Island & CP Company.

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