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Editorial: Holy Garms Marina Archive

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We popped over to Roma for a Stone Island Marina filled link up with the Holy garms lads!

Our good friends Daniele & Alberto have recently joined forces to start their new vintage shop Holy Garms based in Roma! The new shop will feature vintage grails from various brands including Stone Island & C.P. Company so be sure to check them out if you get the chance. Both Daniele & Alberto have been collecting for many years, so we popped over to link up with them & photographer Federico Befani on the coast near Roma to showcase some of their mad archive Marina pieces.

Stone Island Marina was launched in SS84 by the master Massimo Osti to cater for the growing need for stylish yacht wear. The line was an instant success and has lasted right up until today and has produced some of the most iconic pieces the brand has released. We picked out our favorite pieces from the Holy Garms archive for this shoot, read below to get the full breakdown of each piece.


SS85 Raso Gommato Cover Bianco:

A real Osti masterpiece with a unique vertical badge placement only seen on this range of Raso Gommato Marina pieces. Made in satin weave cotton of military origin which is then bonded to a white poly cover on the inside of the piece. The piece features the classic nautical pinstripe Marina design seen throughout the range in many forms right up until today.

SS85 1000/20 Cotton Jersey T-Shirt:

Without doubt the most iconic T-Shirt released by Massimo Osti for the Stone Island Marina range. The piece features the classic nautical pinstripe which is made by pigment printing the fabric. It also features the iconic Marina logo to the front.

SS86 Rep Pigment Denim:

This notorious denim jacket takes it's deep colour from pigment printing and garment dying. The piece features a multipocket field jacket design & some beautiful detailing with an embroidered logo to the chest and rubber trim around the buttons. A true classic and very sought after piece.

SS84 1000/20 Cotton Jersey T-Shirt:

Another early Cotton Jersey T-Shirt from the Marina range in the same material as the pigment printed version above. This piece takes it's colour from the garment dying process and comes in a lovely brick red, pairing perfectly with the embroidery detail on the Rep Pigment Denim jacket above.


We had a mad time in Roma with the lads and enjoyed the trip very much! Be sure to check out the new Holy Garms shop page. They will be dropping some crazy archive pieces for sale very soon!

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