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Editorial: Mat's Island Archive Part 2

Updated: Jun 28

We linked up with Mat's Island for a two part series checking out their personal archive of Stone Island grails!

Mat's Island have been collecting and selling Stone Island & C.P. Company for close to a decade now and have built up a personal archive of grails to rival most collectors. We have linked up with them for a little look at some of their favorite pieces in this two part series. Mat picked his two favorite winter pieces for this one and it's safe to say they are bangers!

Mat's Island is widely known as one of the best sellers of used & vintage Stone Island & C.P. Company and has built up a mad following online. Naturally, through buying and selling they have amassed a crazy personal archive of jackets. For this first part of the series we checked out Mat's favorite summer jackets from their archive! With winter blues setting in for everyone we managed to catch the last few warm days in September to shoot these grails in all their glory. Check it out below to see the full shoot and get a breakdown on each jacket.


AW14 Supreme Raso Gommato Cover Nero Jacket:

One of the most sought after collab pieces from the Stone Island x Supreme drops so far. The "Helicopter Jacket" as it's more commonly known by fans of the brand is a reissue of an earlier piece designed by Masssimo Osti in '88. The piece features the iconic helicopter pilot visor built in to the hood of the jacket and giving the piece it's nickname. This version is modernized with newer materials and fixings plus a Dutch Rope down liner making it an absolute banger and one of the biggest grails in the modern era of Stone Island.

AW12 Liquid Reflective Jacket:

The Liquid Reflective has divided opinions since it dropped but all the same it's one of the nicest finishes of any reflective jackets Stone Island has released. The uneven finish comes from the hand sprayed Liquid Reflective process, each jacket is then oven baked to seal the reflective material in place leaving a finished garment that takes on a mad liquified look. Where it divides opinions is the usability, the material is very prone to rubbing and cracking with light use and it's very rare to see them now not in a bad way. It's still got to be one of the best looking reflective pieces ever released in our opinion.


It was a sick link up in our home city shooting some crazy grails! Be sure to check out Mat's Island for all your used and vintage garms, they upload a weekly drop of grails every Sunday.

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