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Editorial: Modern Classics

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We visited Rome to shoot a crazy Stone Island editorial with collector Daniele Sferlazzo.

This month we took a trip to the city that never sleeps, Rome! We definitely didn't sleep on our good mate Daniele's collection of modern classics! Linking up with local photographer Fedrico (Steezfede) who shot the images in some of his favorite spots around Rome.

For this editorial we had the idea to pick the most iconic and classic designs produced by Stone Island in the last 10 years of the brands history! We wanted to bring the brands modern designers to the forefront and show how they are using the past to influence where the brand is heading and the boundaries they are pushing.


Hidden Reflective:

A/W 2015 Hidden Reflective Vest was part of a two piece drop consisting of a down jacket and vest designed by up and coming UK mastermind Joshua Bullen. The side fastening and pocket placement on the featured vest are taken from a Gulf War bullet proof vest from the late 80's. The drop featured a new type of reflective material, the Hidden Reflective. We all know about the use of glass microspheres in a resin base to create reflectivity, this piece differs from many reflectives. An opaque black plating is applied over the reflective material which can only be seen when under the flash of a camera. As the garment is used more and more of the reflectivity is revealed to the naked eye as the opaque plating wears off.

Modular Anatomy:

A/W 2008 Modular Anatomy was part of a collaboration between Stone Island and Aitor Throup which saw the Argentinian born designer create two masterpieces around the human anatomy. The concept behind the Modular Anatomy goes against the more well known patterns of garment construction generating individual modulated compartments that reflect the complex system of movement the human body has. The modules work together and rely on each other to create an ergonomic piece which is both well fitted and free at the same time. The garment is a homage to the Paul Harvey Opaque Nylon Tela pieces and features a hyperlight mesh badge on the arm in black and white.

Raso Gommato Cover Nero:

A/W 2014 Raso Gommato Cover Nero or "Helicopter Jacket" was the second jacket in the ongoing collab between Supreme NYC and Stone Island. The design was of course a throwback to the original piece of the same name from S/S 1988. It was a collaborative effort from both brands design teams. The piece features the iconic helicopter pilot visor which made the original such a hit, it's also made in the same Raso Gommato material as the original and is cut in the same style. Some elements have been updated for the modern era like the dutch rope down liner, camouflage design to the outer and the badge and buttons.


We enjoyed our trip to Rome to see one of our favorite collectors! Check out Daniele Sferlazzo to see his full collection and make sure you follow his page to keep up to date with his new additions.

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