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Editorial: True Vintage Archive

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We linked up with the dons at True Vintage and photographer Ede Dugdale for a mad Archive editorial!

We've been buzzing to put out our latest editorial! This time round we linked up with the dons at True Vintage and London based photographer Ede Dugdale for a showcase of True Vintage owner Rory Westbrook's extensive personal archive of Massimo Osti era pieces.

Rory has been collecting Osti era gems since he started the business from his university digs. The business caters to a multi-brand selection of vintage sportswear but Rory has always had a special passion for Stone Island and has built up a mad personal collection over the years. We linked up to shoot some of his personal favorites featuring iconic materials synonymous with the era!



The early-mid 1990's saw Stone Island release a series of items over multiple seasons in the famous material, Corduroy. Massimo Osti used many references from old English heritage fashion. Corduroy, from the mid 1700's and was a hard wearing cloth used for clothing made from Cord and Duroy. Massimo Osti re-imagined this heritage material and modernized it for use in fashion. The most notable pieces being the now infamous Jumbo Cord shirts. There are a few different styles as seen in this editorial. The stand out model has to be the two pocket full button shirt as worn by Drake, for better or worse.


Massimo Osti and Stone Island's love affair with Denim was hit and miss to say the least. Saying that though, some of the most iconic pieces from the late 1980's and 1990's are the Denim Carpenters jackets which Osti himself classed as his favorite pieces to wear. One of his first design roles was an intern at Lee VF working with Denim and devolving his love for Carpenters jackets. The pieces seen in this editorial feature embroidered logos, which is another trait of the love affair with Denim that Osti had. Whether a small star logo now seen on recent Marina seasons or the large script back embroidery with the famous compass star design, it's safe to say the build quality and design are second to none.


Cotton Jersey:

Anyone who knows the history of Stone Island and it's founder Massimo Osti knows that the first business ever devised by Osti was a t-shirt printing company, Chomp Chomp. At Chomp Chomp Osti was pushing boundaries in the mid-late 1960's by being one of the first designers to utilize silk screen printing and pigment treatments. Fast forward twenty years to the birth and early life of Stone Island as a brand. Cotton Jersey t-shirts make many appearances as part of the brands early years as they do still today. Now with the development by Osti of garment dying processes we see many t-shirt designs in a vast array of colours all featuring the processes developed in Osti's early years, silk screen printing and pigment treated cotton (aka the infamous striped Marina t-shirts).


We had a great time on this link up! What more could you ask for as a fan of the brands early years we loved seeing the amazing Corduroy, Denim and Cotton Jersey selection from Rory at True Vintage. More link ups soon come.

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