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Editorial: Visit to Bologna

Updated: May 10, 2020

We linked up in Bologna, the home of Massimo Osti to shoot an editorial packed with gems from the master.

For our latest editorial we took a trip to the historic home of the brand; Bologna! The streets where Massimo Osti first developed the ideas and influences that the brand still holds true till today! Linking up again with photographer Fedrico (Steezfede) and collectors Alfo Pezzella & Stuart Spencer, we have shot some classic Osti materials and pieces.

The clothing markets and streets around Bologna are where Massimo Osti is said to have developed his style and passion for old military garments! Even till today these markets are still bustling with history. Where Massimo may have been hunting a USA or Japanese WW2 military garment, people now hunt the hidden gems that are left from Osti's reign as head designer at Stone Island.


100020 Marina Tee:

SS85 100020 Marina Tee is one of the most iconic pieces to come from the then newly created Marina range. With what has now become the style synonymous with this range. The striped pigment print design is made in a heavy cotton with an open neck line, another trait bought in from vintage Navy garments. And to top the whole design off is the now iconic Marina logo developed by Massimo Osti as a side line but to vintage collectors this is the embodiment of the brand.

Ice Camo:

SS90 Ice Camo Bomber was Osti's favorite material he designed for Stone Island according to his son Lorenzo. The fabric features a thermosensitive dye which reacts to changing temperatures to reveal extra layers of the camouflage design to the outer material of the jacket. The piece featured in the editorial owned by collector Stuart Spencer comes in the much rarer orange colour with greens coming through as the temperature changes.

Glazed Silk Light:

AW87 Glazed Silk Light is another of the holy grails when it comes to materials produced by Massimo Osti. Up there with Tela Stella, Ice, Reflective and Formula Steel. Glazed Silk Light was at the cutting edge of fabric design when it was produced in the late 80's. A base of Nylon is given its glazed effect with a thick coating of PVC creating a translucent appearance. The hood on this rare model is made in a single layer fabric of pure transparent PVC with a peak in the same fabric as the jacket.


We loved our trip to Bologna and being able to link up with some great friends and collectors in the city that birthed the brand was something special.

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