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Editorial: Warehouse 1992

Updated: May 10, 2020

We linked in Manchester with collector Tone McHugh of Warehouse 1992 to shoot a vintage packed editorial.

We hooked up in Manchester with Kash Hussian aka Kash Kam, a sick photographer/videographer who we have been working with on a few of our recent projects! We were there to link up with big collector and the man behind the Warehouse 1992 Archive, Tone McHugh. Tone specializes in vintage Osti era Stone Island and has recently started his own range of clothing to compliment this style! Check them out Warehouse 1992.

For most people the mid 80's and early 90's was the era that defined the brand! Massimo Osti's designs delivered a stellar mix of military and nautical themes made using groundbreaking and forward thinking materials. We have put together an editorial of some of the most iconic materials to be released during this period.


Raso Gommato Cover Bianco:

SS85 Marina Raso Gommato Cover Bianco was an early variation on the iconic Raso Gommato material. This release features a unique badge placement with the buttons and badge placed vertical. The infamous Marina range had just started and this piece defined the range. The lining features the famous Marina stripes with nautical buttons and fixings plus the now legendary Stone Island marina spell out back print. A masterpiece in design from Massimo Osti.

Ice Jacket:

AW89 Ice Jacket Gilet is another example of Massimo Osti's groundbreaking fabric research. From one of the first seasons of the then new material which changes colour when exposed to heat and cold due to the thermoreactive dye developed and used by Osti during this era. This particular piece features the chest placement badge and the piece goes from a bright yellow to green.

Glazed Silk Light:

SS92 Glazed Silk Light from the brands 10th Anniversary season features a shiny trilobate Nylon with a thick coating of PVC on the top creating the silky look to the material. This longer parka model is garment dyed in a blood red and features a large flap utility pocket on the arm which the badge is placed above. The material was used from the late 80's and this was one of the last versions to drop before Osti left the brand in 1995.


Make sure you check out Warehouse 1992's new range of clothing to pair up with your vintage Stone Island. The new range features heat reactive and reflective prints! Well worth a look.

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