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New Flagship opens in Milan

The Milan Flagship store has moved location to an shiny new space in the Palazzo del Toro!

Stone Island's first ever Flagship store was opened in Milan during the 90's. A lot has come and gone since then but the brand is now stronger than ever and has opened a brand new location for the Milan Flagship. Now the largest store the brand has, it will be showcasing the mainline and Shadow Project collections over two floors in the designer district Palazzo del Toro.

The internal design follows the concept of the Stone Island stores – that was created by Marc Buhre, founder of the architecture studio Zeichenweg.”

The new store follows the design concept created by Marc Buhre, with industrial themes and open displays being the overriding theme. One of the most striking features being the curved stone floor and wall joins giving the whole space a flow which is unrivaled in most stores. There are also exposed frames and pops of colour from the yellow sections dotted around the space. The brands original Flagship at Corso Venezia is currently being renovated and will reopen as the brands first Junior specific store.

You can find the new store located on our Map Database if you are ever in the area and fancy a visit.

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