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New Flagship opens in Tokyo, Japan

This week Stone Island opened the doors of its newest flagship store in Tokyo, Japan.

The new flagship store in Tokyo, Japan has opened its doors this week! The sleek new store had its grand opening on the 14th September with a full range of new season items on offer and an after hours party to celebrate the opening. The full squad was in attendance including Carlo Rivetti and Acronym + Shadow Project designer Errolson Hugh.

Developed on two floors with an area of 300 sqm hosting the Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Project collections. The structure is made of exposed structural gray cement and glass.”

A purpose made building in the Minami-Aoyama district showcasing the aesthetics of Stone Island as a brand in its entirety from top to bottom in a similar style to the new Venice flagship opened earlier this year. The store is sure to be a success with the ever strong market in Japan for Stone Island and a mad opening night saw Octavian and Benji B take to the stage to give performances. What can we say other than we can't wait to visit.

You can find the new store located on our Map Database if you are ever in the area and fancy a visit.

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