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SS19 Ghost Pieces

Updated: May 10, 2020

We linked up with Aphrodite Menswear to check out the new Ghost range!

Ghost pieces are based on the concept of camouflage with the full garment including the badge coming in a monochromatic colour. This seasons offerings, as usual don't let us down. With a full range of jackets, sweats and knits dropping in beige, black and navy. We linked up with Aphrodite Menswear to check the new range out!


The highlights of the new drop for us are obviously the two flagship jackets, the smock and parka coming in Cotton Nylon Tela and 50 Fili Resinata respectively. The large lower chest bellow pockets seem to be the trend in design for this season with both pieces featuring this style of pocket as their main feature. We also picked out the overshirt and zipped knit as our other pieces worthy of note from the range.


For understandable historical reasons the Stone Island smock seems to be a sure fire winner for the brand no matter the material or capsule. With this being said, the smock from this line has some great features making the hype surrounding it worthy in our opinion. Featuring the classic two chest pocket design made famous by the Tela Stella smock in the first season of the brand. This offering features a pull cord hood rather than the normal quarter zip style with the same cord toggle seen previously on the Nylon Metal smock and a few other pieces from last season.


After having the flagship pieces in hand we have to say the quality is second to none with both pieces hitting bang on the mark. If you want to cop any of the new Ghost pieces we recommend checking out Aphrodite Menswear who have all the new SS19 ranges on their site.

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