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SS19 Reflective Sweat Review

Updated: May 10, 2020

We managed to get our hands on one of the new Reflective Sweats, here's what we thought.

We have linked up with BSTN to bring you a close up look and review of the new SS19 Reflective Sweats! They sent us over the crewneck version to give you the lowdown on the look and feel of the garment. Continue reading to find out what we thought.

Sweatshirt in stretch nylon jersey with a highly reflective coating made with thousands of glass microspheres in a resin bath.

This season sees the brand continue their experimentation into reflective materials. A long and rich history over the last 25+ years trailblazing the path for the recent influx of reflective jackets we see popping up from other brands. Stone Island however has been and will always be at the forefront of pushing boundaries when it comes to reflective research.


The sweat itself is made using a stretch nylon jersey base material, making it very comfortable to wear and has a sportswear feel when on, not sweaty/non breathable at all. This base of stretch nylon jersey is then dipped into a resin bath coating it with thousands of glass microspheres contained in the resin. The finished product is then garment dyed using a special recipe that only colours the stretch nylon jersey material while leaving the reflective surface untouched by colour.

The quality of the garment is top notch and feels solid. The design is really nice with the splashes of colour coming from the neck line and sleeves plus also from the contrast stitching, making for a great look overall. The material we would compare it to is the Plated Reflective material used in 2017/2018. These are some of the hardest wearing reflective pieces made by the brand which is a bonus with sweats getting plenty of wear and tear while wearing. We will see how they hold up with more use!


We love this release, you can never go wrong with a nice reflective! This one will be turning heads all over the place. Whether night or day be safe, be seen! It is still available here if you want to grab one.

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