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SS20 Big Loom Camo TC

Updated: May 10, 2020

The most anticipated camo of the season has just dropped! Check it out below.

With three camouflage ranges dropping for SS20 it's a crowded field for this coming season! Without doubt the most interesting camo out of the three is the Big Loom Camo TC. The range made in a cotton, nylon and viscose fabric with a slight external resin finish has a very subtle camouflage pattern in faint Blue and Grey. We've taken a closer look at what the new range has to offer and which pieces in particular have caught our eye.


The name comes from the looms used to produce the fabric, these "big looms" are able to deliver complex and oversized jacquard designs giving this unique pattern we see in the range which differs from any other camouflage Stone Island have produced previously. The two flagship jackets in the range follow a run of jackets with the same signature cut, one short parka and one collared track jacket. There is also a full range of standard sweats to match, but arguably the most eye catching piece is the Utility Vest! In a kind of fusion between cuts found on the Plated Reflective Utility Vest and the legendary Hidden Reflective Utility Vest this piece looks like a bit of a beast and is sure to be the best seller so grab it fast!


As well as these the range also features a matching set of Cargos, Shorts, Hats and a Utility Leg Bag! Basically, everything you need to be a very stylish urban guerilla ready for war. The pieces are finished in a double dye bath to give the different compositions of fabric a different colour, showing the Big Loom jacquard pattern in all its glory.


In our opinion this is the only Camo that really stands up this season. The Desert Camo has been roundly criticized for its childish look and candy colurs and we have to agree, as well as this the Devore range is nothing to write home about. Big Loom Camo TC in contrast is exactly what we have come to expect from Stone Island with a unique pattern & material made using special artisan techniques and practical military influences throughout the range. You can cop the full selection now from Stone Island's website here.

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