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SS20 C.P. Company P.Ri.S.M Mille Miglia Review

We got our hands on the latest offering from C.P. Company, the P.Ri.S.M Mille Miglia Jacket!

We've teamed up with the dons at Pockets to bring you a review of the freshest new jacket C.P. Company have to offer. With an official launch featuring Slowthai and much hype around the jacket & this new material for SS20 we had to find out what all the fuss was about.

A new fabrication, P.Ri.S.M. (Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane) is the next step for lightweight outerwear.

The latest summer season has seen C.P. Company again pushing boundaries in fabric research and design, have a read to get our breakdown on the flagship jacket from the new range, the Mille Miglia!


By now most people are familiar with the classic C.P. Company Mille Miglia jacket! The staple menswear piece since its inception in 1988 for the Mille Miglia road race in Italy. This season the goggles and watch viewer have been reborn in a modern take on the classic style. C.P. Company was born out of innovation and fabric research and this offering certainly doesn't disappoint. The new material is a Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane which in its final form gives an amazing finish with a two tone shimmer effect coming from the bold colouring. The Mille Miglia has come in three colours, the one we reviewed is a deep Navy Blue and others in Brick Red & Forest Green.

As with most of C.P. Company's recent seasons the build quality is second to none. With heavy set Rip-Stop materials used throughout making for a sturdy feeling jacket and high quality zips & finishes it doesn't disappoint. The layout of the jacket has a small twist on the classic Mille Miglia chest pocket originally inspired by the M70 Swiss field jacket. The pocket overlaps the front zip and is fastened up via poppers giving an off center look. The outer jacket is super lightweight and perfect for summer but in a throwback to Massimo Osti's 'NO SEASONS' garments it also comes with a detachable liner with the same lightweight construction meaning it could also be layered up for winter! The breathable Rip-Stop waterproof material also makes it perfect for this multi functional use.


It's safe to say we enjoyed this one, what a jacket and an amazing new material from C.P. Company. If you want to get your hands on one hit up the Pockets site for some great deals!

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