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We wanted to achieve a realistic modelling of a 2D cartoon figure with anatomy. For this, we used a [2D animator]( simulation. It’s a fully interactive online tool that allows you to create a 2D character. You can also export the rigged files to 3D packages such as Blender.  ![](/content/images/2016/maya/2d-animator-blender-created-3d-obj-7.png) **Step 3:** This is the result of the previous steps: a [2D animator]( simulation, which we used to generate a 3D model of the character. It was exported to the [Blender]( which is a free, open source 3D modelling tool. **Step 4:** We then added some [AnimaToon]( nodes to give us a cartoon look to the model. The [KiVeN]( simulates the brush tool. We set the brush size to be 1 pixel, which gives us a blurry brush effect. ![](/content/images/2016/maya/2d-animator-blender-brush-node-3.png) **Step 5:** We removed the colors and added textures to give us a more realistic look. ![](/content/images/2016/maya/2d-animator-blender-remove-colors-node-3.png) ![](/content/images/2016/maya/2d-animator-blender-add-skel-node-3.png) **Step 6:** We also removed the background color and we added several additional colors to give us a cartoon look. ![](/content/images/2016/maya/2d-animator-blender-background-color-node-3.png) **Step 7:**




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